Church History (Part 1)

Church History highlights part 1

Most people live life by default settings. And they don’t even recognise that the default settings were set by someone who therefore remotely and subtly controls them.
My ‘opening eyes’ journey began some years ago when I realised that information is NOT neutral. As a British educated-fellow (I mean the education system that most of us were brought up in) I wasn’t aware that even that system has its own biases, a default setting.

I learnt the Queen’s language, grew up reading British inspired stories, watched colonial style TV and later CNN became my default eyes to understanding global affairs. All I knew about the Chinese, the Russians and even about my own country and continent was through the lens of the British. I never considered there could be a different alternative narrative. I didn’t realise I was one sided until my journey on understanding the role of media and those who control information in a bipolar world. By the time I visited China I had become actively conscious of the different agendas attached to each medium/stream/source of information. Over the years I have learnt how to peel it like a banana and eat only the good substance.

For example most books about Africa were written by Europeans some of whom didn’t understand Africa or Africans and therefore wrote in their perspectives and prejudice. Some of those books we read were intended for foreign audiences and carry that tone and bias. It is said David Livingstone discovered Victoria Falls – but there were local ‘natives’ living there! And Christopher Columbus discovered America! There is a lot of hilarious comedy on these mindsets even Trevor Noah used to joke about it and many others in social media where “Africa is a country”. It is often said that the average American thinks Africa is a bush full of lions and cheetahs never imagine the busting cities or even airports. You can be asked about a friend who is Sierra Leone when you are from Lesotho!

If you open your eyes you will start seeing the counter narration but the counter eyes too are not error free. They too are another lens – often biased to counter errors.

Reaction to error often leads to error. So what’s the solution? Get knowledge from BOTH sides and judge for yourself to develop your own narrative.
Learn how to find good information, value it, process it into appropriate knowledge in a world overloaded with information but most of which is not useful.

I have followed BOTH western and eastern media (and found both to have propaganda/lies on many issues) to gain a balanced understanding.

I have followed BOTH secular and spiritual narratives to the key issues. In the recent American Elections, a lot of people were deceived by predictions and projections of media like CNN and as result suffered emotional roller coaster. Thank God I escaped largely due to the fact that I kept a tab on the [genuine] prophetic and was not shocked by the results because I had heard prophecies about Trump presidency as early as 2015 when he was far from it as the moon is to the earth.
I have read about BOTH liberal and evangelicals …. BOTH mainstream media and alternative media and becoming better placed than the average Jack and Jane.

I am talking about Church, not just Church history but the current narratives of truth.

Now this is key in church too. Many people are really due for an upgrade as they are running in Windows 95 in the 21st century. The old lens of the backslidden church has shaped the theology and fundamental perspectives of those in modern movements often watering down the fire. At the same town those ‘new’ to church who have no ‘old school’ foundations have become so gullible to the charlatans and foxes in sheepskin. There seems to be so much blind loyalty that even the blind can see it.

Information wars are intensifying, fasten your seatbelts.
Walk with me on this journey as we explore many sides and perspectives you may not have been aware of because your perspective has only been painted by the four walls of your own church/denomination if at all you are attentive in church. Your church history may at best one generation – that of your church but did you know you belong to a bigger BODY that has rich history spanning centuries? . So come with me as we meander the corridors of explored and unexplored spiritual dynamics.
“Do not be conformed to the standards of this world but be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind so that ….” Romans 12v2

….to be continued

This is part 1 of #ThisGospel a series by Talent Mbedzi (Whatsapp +27624740015) to bridge the knowledge gap on Church history.


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