mari rusike

Maria Rusike aka Ria

Maria Rusike aka Ria is one of the co-founders of Royal Destiny. She orchestrated the creation of the gospel group with Kenny Mangena and her sister Nonku. Maria has worked tirelessly to ensure the success of this group. She was born into a Christian family of gospel singers. She sang in Sunday school and Youth group at a tender age of five. Even though Maria was too young at the time, she joined the outreach youth group under the leadership of the late Mrs Hilda Mdleleni when she was seven.
Maria remembers instances when she had to wear high heels in order to be on a par with other members of the choir who were by far taller and older than her. “No one would dare say no you are too young or you can’t travel with the group” remembers Nonku, who is Maria’s older sister, “she always had her own way around things somehow”.
Maria sings backing vocals and occasionally takes to the lead in the group. Just like everyone at Royal Destiny Maria is also working on a solo album. She maintains that although all the members of the group have individual projects and ministries they will always stick together as Royal Destiny which is a sanctuary and place of refreshing for them.
Maria worships at Elpis Christian Ministries in London under the Pastoral leadership of Pastor Victor and Lydia Darter. She also serves in the in house choir Voices of Expectations and occasionally backs in Praise and Worship. Maria has also served as a Sunday School Teacher. Maria loves to worship and when she sings, the song ‘comes alive’ with her natural gestures, smile and dances. Maria’s passion is reading the bible and Christian books. She also enjoys the most spending time with her family. Maria is absolutely loved by those who know her. You will surely be blessed when you meet her.

We love you Ria