tawanda magunde

Tawanda Rodwell Magunde

Tawanda Rodwell Magunde aka Minister Tee is an all round gospel musician. He is a singer, song writer, choreographer and plays Acoustic guitar, piano, Saxophone, drums and bass guitar. He is also a producer in his own right.
Tawanda started music at a very young age and works full time as a musician. He has also worked as a member of Xtreme Afrique where he featured on the song Ndiringe. He has also provided backing vocals and acoustics for several gospel artistes in Zimbabwe. The versatile gospel musician said his passion is reading the bible and playing soccer. He also claims to be good at playing soccer. Tawanda has recently released his debut solo album Rumbidzo which is a 2017 production.
Ambitious Tawanda’s favourite quote is “I dare you to join me when I’m still dreaming”,
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